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My violin teacher, John is superb and very talented. He is very patient with his students and he cares. He specializes in violin lessons and tailors them to suit the needs of the students, which I actually consider incredible!!! You won’t regret taking lessons. I assure you =)


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We are a network of Uni Students looking for Violin tutor work….

We offer you 1 on 1 home private lessons for students of all ages & levels in the convenience of your own home

If you are looking for an eager, professional & reliable violin tutor to come to your home – one of us will be available, & will be able to provide you a very reasonable violin tutoring rate.

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VIolin Tuition Is Worth It | Violin Lessons Near Me Canberra ACT

Why invest in violin tuition? Viola / Violin is a very interesting instrument to learn. They said violin, a four-string music instrument is one of the hardest to play, but let’s not deny the fact that if you overcome the lessons, you will be better in so many ways. Whether you are an adult learner or you would like to enrol your kids, our violin curriculum suits all ages.

We offer home private lessons

We offer home private lessons which will teach the background and theory of any musical instrument of your choosing. One benefit is that, playing classical violin lessons helps boost brain power. Being able to understand and read the music notes on the music lessons all aligns in a very complicated thought process. And some says, music education contributes to higher grades.

It is perfect to have violin lessons in Canberra ACT Music School

It is best to have violin lessons in your home  and do side by side teaching rather than having a group session where we could focus more on your individual growth. And if you also prefer online lessons, Canberra violin teachers will make sure you interpret accordingly via online lessons, you don’t have to worry, you are in good hands with our school curriculum and expert violin teachers.

We are flexible to meet your growth

Your tuition should be worth it as we are flexible to meet your musical needs. Aside from the violin theory, we have singing lessons, piano lessons, guitar lessons , double bass lessons, you could also learn the Suzuki method on the violin, with experienced music tutors anywhere around Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide are found with our learning institution at Violin Lessons Canberra. Contact us today and schedule an in home lesson right away!

We Offer Tutors for all other instruments

Our Music Lessons Canberra ACT school also tutors piano lessons, violin lessons and tricks, guitar lessons, singing lessons , drum lessons, all with individual private tutors rather than a group practice. Our music students enjoy each lesson as they are learning according to their own phase. Your music teacher guarantees your violin lessons to be fun and exciting.

We have guitar tutors, piano tutors, drum tutors, and all other different types of music tutor to assist you on your preferred instrument. The Violin and viola has no fret, or keys like the piano, but you will be challenged and will stay focused as your violin teacher unfolds techniques on each individual lessons.

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Contact us and schedule the best available music teacher around Canberra, ACT, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane. Our terms of use can also be found at the bottom of this music page.

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